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Melaka Forest Office was administered together with the Negeri Sembilan Forestry Department since the declaration of the Federal Constitution in 1948 until the present. Since 1948 the district Forest Office is located in the District of Jasin and in May, 2000 Forest Office was moved to Ayer Keroh, and was renamed Malacca State Forest Office.

A total of 53 posts have been approved for the Department of Forestry Malacca. However until 31 December 2001 only 40 posts filled. This amount involves Category Semi Professional, Clerical and uniformed staff and drivers. In 2008 the Queensland Department of Forestry is no longer involved with the governance of the State Forestry Department Malacca. Until now the Malacca State Forestry Department has a total of 58 posts in various service categories. State Forestry Administration was divided into four units: -

1. Administrative and Finance

2. Central Ranger

3. Jasin Ranger

4. Alor Gajah Ranger

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