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Introduction of Forestry Museum

The proposed establishment of an open museum Museum of Forestry has approved the allocation of Malacca in early 1994 through the Ministries of Culture, Arts and Tourism. In the same year also the EPU has approved the appointment of consultants to implement the project in collaboration with the Forestry Department UPEN and Malacca. The consultant has prepared a Concept Plan and the building lay-out building to tender.

In November 1994 a complete contract document signed by the EPU and the parties contract consultants. Further implementation of this project has been carried out and expires September, 1995.

Construction concept plan 'Open Air Museum' has been prepared by consultants Architects Ehwan Othman Sdn. Bhd. which is based on the construction of Open Air Museum. Open Air Museum consists of Building A to I.

Overall construction of Open Air Museum was completed in 1996 and the programs the museum artifacts began in 1997 step by step: -

  • Concept Development
  • Filling Process Museum
  • Planning and Future Development
  • Filling Graphics Strategic Implementation
  • Museum Opening