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Forest Resources Management Strategies

Strengthen the status of the Eternal Conservation Area and formulate the State Forest Management Plan for the long term and carry out regular forest resource management tasks

Forest Resources Development Strategy

Carrying out indigenous forest restoration work regularly sustains civic cultures toward achieving maximum forest
productivity by intensifying efforts to forget the original forests of less productive savings and the royal lands
that are exposed.

Wooden Industry Development Strategy

Monitoring the travel of timber-based industries towards upgrading
the expenditure and encouraging the growth of the timber industry on a
rolling basis as an additional value to the industry.

Recreation Development Strategy

Overseeing intensive forest areas for natural stability and perpetuating biological diversity
within indigenous forests and enhancing the ease of infrastructure in
recreational areas without undermining its authenticity.

Development Strategy, Publicity and Seranta

Conduct expansion, publicity and community activities to all levels of society to raise public awareness
on the role and service of the Forestry Department. Provide all forms of technical advice relating to the forest
and its functions and in respect of its principal and its role. Enhance staff efficiency through training
programs, courses and seminars to member exposure of forestry professionalism base among forest officers in the passage of time.

Law Enforcement Strategy

Implement effective and intensified forest enforcement tasks based on the National Forestry Act 1984 (Amendment) 1993,
the Timber Industry Industrial Enactment 1986 and the Penang Forest Rules of Amendment 1998 and equip forces or enforcement units
with facilities and skills in implementing enforcement responsibilities.