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Department Function

State Forestry Department is responsible for: -


  1. Advises State Authorities in administering forest resources for maximum revenue generation;
  2. Managing Permanent Reserved Forests perfectly in line with the concept of sustainable forest management;
  3. Implementing development efforts, conserving and replenishing through proper civil cultural practices in order to produce high yields of forest from Permanent Forest Reserves;
  4. Control and coordinate the licensing of all types of wood based industries;
  5. Implementing the basics of forestry law enforcement.


District Forest Office

‟The Melaka State Forestry Department is supported by three (3) District Forest Office (DFO) namely DFO Melaka Tengah, DFO Jasin and DFO Alor Gajah responsible for administration, forest development, harvesting control, revenue collection and forest law enforcement at district level”.