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Ayer keroh, 6 Februari 2017 Purification of the Swim Forest Management Guidelines Meeting was held for one (1) day at the Melaka State Forestry Office Meeting Room. The meeting was chaired by Dato 'Hj. Nor Akhirrudin B. Mahmud, Director-General of Forestry Peninsular Malaysia and attended by State Forestry Directors of Peninsular Malaysia as well as secretariat of the Forest Management Division Headquarters Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia. The purpose of the meeting is to prepare, review and finalize the Draft Forests Forecast Inventory Report with each appointed Permanent Panel. The program was continued with the visit of Dato 'Hj. Nor Akhirrudin B. Mahmud, Director General of Forestry Peninsular Malaysia around the Melaka State Forestry Office, Ayer Keroh and ended with planting trees. A total of ten (10) trees consisting of male Sumatran bulls (Hopea odorata), Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) and Resak (Vatica abdulrahmaniana) were planted during the program.


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