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Tanjung Tuan, 8 April  2017 – The Corporate Social Responsibility Program of Mara City's Professional College (KPM) in conjunction with Earth Day 2017 was held at Tanjung Tuan Forest Eco Park, formerly known as Tanjung Tuan Recreational Forest. The program is organized by Mara Professional College (KPM) in collaboration with the Melaka State Forestry Department and Melaka State Wildlife Protection Department (PERHILITAN). The purpose of the program was to celebrate Melaka State Level 2017 Earth Day. The program involves fourteen (40) KPM students, ten (10) lecturers and faculty members, a secretariat of the Melaka State Department of Ten (10) and several participants from the Department of Environment and Department of State Affairs Melaka. The event commenced with two hundred (200) mangrove trees planting activity by participants and briefings by the Department. Next visit to the Wildlife Interpratation Room by representatives of the Melaka State Department of Forestry as the final event for the morning session program. Evening sessions continue with gotong royong to clear coastal areas and trekking jungles and bird watching birds (Raptor Watch). The program was concluded with a briefing and demonstration of water sampling by the Department of Environment.

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