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Forest Management System

To ensure the best management of valuable forest resources and preserve the biodiversity functions, the Permanent Forest Reserve in Melaka managed in detail in accordance with the principles of sustainable management in order to achieve a balance between development and conservation, and with the guarantee of the results and forestry services sustainable. To achieve this goal the Selective Management System (SMS) practiced.


In summary, the Selective Management System involves setting the optimal selection of the management regime. Trees to be felled are selected based on the specified allowable limit of more than 55 cm diameter at breast height (dbh) for species communities resin and more than 45 cm dbh for species of non-resin by leaving at least 32 trees per hectare that berperepang between 30 -40 cm. The rotation for SMS is 30 years old.


For areas that have potential for recreation, the area developed as a Recreational Forest. In Malacca recreational activities are given high attention because of its ability to attract tourists to come to Malacca.


In other words, during the development of a recreational forest, a number of natural factors and elements of nature, such as the local terrain, rocks, water, soil, vegetation and wildlife is a major puller element of concern. Besides, infrastructure-light infrastructure such as cottage break, table and chairs, kitchen 'barbeque', campsites, log cabins, etc. is part integrated into all elements of nature, and additional important factors for creating a variety of unique and enchanting atmosphere in forest recreation in the state. Hence, it is observed that system is directly meet the tastes of any traveler who seeks for rest, activity and relaxation in this recreational forest.


Forest Development and Conservation

In accordance with the requirements of the National Forest Policy, each state is required to implement the development efforts and forest rehabilitation through silvicultural practices system effective and appropriate. Several programs have been planned and carried out include: -


Forest Resource Management

The activities conducted under this program involves the external boundary maintenance Permanent Reserved Forests, Forest Inventory and Marking Before felling trees for forest harvesting activities.


Forest Resource Development

This program, which involves the preservation and conservation of areas that have been harvested, poor forest and abandoned spaces and upgrade the status of non-timber forest content such as rattan and bamboo. Among these activities is the Forest Inventory After felling, Trimming Treatment Root / climbers and Enrichment Planting.


Forestry Community

This program is one of the Department's efforts to involve the public in the preservation efforts wooded area while providing the appropriate places in the forest areas for recreation and learning. Among the activities were Forest Village and Recreational Forest.