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Botanical Garden Founded in June 1, 2006, it emerged from the idea of the Honourable Dato Seri Hj Mohd Ali Bin Mohd Rustam, chief minister of Malacca. Very strategic location and only 5 minutes to get here from Ayer Toll Plaza. Formerly known as the Botanical Gardens Recreational Forest Ayer Keroh which has an area of 92.5 hectares. There are plenty of facilities here such as accommodation, camping, jungle trekking and others. In addition, you can also enjoy a picnic or face the challenges of jungle trekking. For those who love jogging, there is a special track for this activity as well as a place of exercise for the health conscious. For nature lovers, there are various elements that are sure to attract their attention here. Trees that are labeled to facilitate visitors to know the types of plants. More interesting to observe a variety of birds and insects that fly and roam freely here. Botanical gardens also have special gardens Prehistoric Park, Garden Stories and Deer Park.



Bukit Batu Lebah Recreational Forest is located in Senggeh’s Forest Hill covering 208 hectares. Lowland dipterocarp forest is rich with various flora and fauna and natural landscapes with beautiful surroundings. This area promises a pleasant, peaceful and fun as a picnic and play. Bukit Batu Lebah Recreational Forest has the potential to be developed as it is located only about 10 km from the Selandar where access roads leading to the area were available. It is expected can be a recreation center and other recreational options forest in Air Keroh Recreational Forest and Tanjung Tuan Recreational Forest. Currently this area is managed and maintained by the department fully and cooperation of Bukit Senggeh CAC. In place of a Forester and two Special Public Primary Worker to oversee this area but not full time.



Sungai Udang Recreational Forest was inspired by the Chief Minister himself. Forest River is located between the town of Pekan Kecil Sungai Udang. Forest Reserve was gazetted in 1987 as Permanent Reserved Forest area of the remaining approximately 335 acre. Forest area is bordered by Sungai Jalan Masjid Tanah to the west, the military camp on the north, east estate and Rela Camp next selatan. Reseved Forest this lowland dipterocarp forest and a rich variety of flora and fauna. Generally Sungai Udang Forest are a natural state except 80 acres bordering the army camps have been logged and are now being replanted with forest species. With its strategic location of these forests is very suitable for leisure or recreation area for the local community as well as foreign tourists, particularly in the area of 20 hectares in compartment 4 are still logged Natural Forest.



Tanjung Tuan Recreational Forest located in Cape Rachado Permanent Reserved Forests (Tanjung Tuan) is one of the oldest permanent reserved forest under the management and control of the Forest Department of Malacca. Position of the Permanent Forest Reserve is surrounded by the Straits of Malacca and the land bordering inland Queensland. The forest is located about 20 km from the town of Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan and about 80 km from the historical city of Malacca. Forest Cape Rachado (Tanjung Tuan) was gazetted as Forest Reserve (then called the Permanent Forest Reserve) by the State Government of Malacca in 1921 (No.Warta: 2066 dated December 23, 1921) with an area of 80.97 hectares of the original (200 acres). In In 1969, a total of 16:19 hectares (40 acres) was gazetted out of the Permanent Forest Reserve status by the Melaka State Government for public purposes (No.Warta: 328 dated December 25, 1969). The area has not been developed until now and the situation is still normal (wooded). On January 5, 1971, Melaka State Government has approved of 60.70 hectares (149.98 acres) of forest reserves remaining Cape Rachado (Tanjung Tuan) as a "Wildlife Sanctuary" for the animals and birds that may be found in the area that are stored on PERHILITAN through MPU5 and PG Gazette No: 85 of the Animals Protection Ordinance, Wild Animals and Birds, 1955. This means that the "Wildlife Sanctuary" coincident with an area of Forest remain available. On 4 February 1991, the Government has gazetted part of Melaka's "Wildlife Sanctuary" which of 8:09 hectares (20ekar) as Game Refuge through PT. 235.